Team building events in Zakopane and Bukowina Tatrzańska

Mountainous tourist towns, such as Zakopane and Bukowina Tatrzańska, are great locations to organize team building events. Beautiful, picturesque mountain scenery, the climate of the Podhale region and the attractions prepared by our company will ensure an unforgettable experience.

We welcome you to join team building events organized by our company in Zakopane and Bukowina Tatrzańska.

Team building events are made to ensure great fun for all participants and to build ties between them. The idea of team building is to get to know each other in a different atmosphere to your daily routine.  The most important part of  team building is shared fun where you can get to know colleagues from different parts of the business. Events connected with active involvement of all participants (eg. The game ATVs, off-roading, paintball, climbing), allow you to get to know the positives and negatives of employees. It reveals the ability to work in a team, communication skills and most importantly – people who shine as a leader. Of course, parties are organized not only for enterprises. It’s an excellent idea to organize team building for birthdays, meetings, surprises and for actively spent free time.


Zakopane is a great location to ogranize team building events. The proximity of the mountains, beautiful scenery and our attractions will certainly leave an unforgettable memories for all participants.

Our company provides services for :
– Team building events
– Stag parties
– School trips
– Special Events
– Activities for young people
– Student groups.

Please contact us in order to receive our proposals for an event that meets your expectations.