Under the watchful eye of our instructors you will be able to learn the secrets of 4×4 driving  in order to cope in the toughest conditions.  Off-road means beautiful scenic routes on the outskirts of Zakopane and the entire Podhale region. We have easy smooth paths and  adventure routes where you need to be prepared for a big jump in adrenaline. Off-Roading is a great form of entertainment for people who like extreme sports but also for companies organizing events in the area of Zakopane. We provide you with complete security and 100% satisfaction!


If you are looking for adrenaline, you love extreme sports, speed and unpredictability then off-roading is for you! We invite you for an unforgettable adventure in the area of Zakopane! We organize fun-filled, yet safe off-road rides on the extremely difficult mountain routes – of course under the guidance of professional driving instructors.

Under the watchful eye of our instructors you will be able to experience a truly crazy drive. You’ll see how to overcome your fear and keep you cool in the toughest of conditions. The mountain terrain in Zakopane is not overly friendly for drivers. Off-raoding involves overcoming complicated unpaved mountainous routes. The victory of the rally depends on the cooperation of teams, realization of the set objectives and being able to make quick decisions. It’s a great activity idea for team building events!

Off-roading organized by our company is a fun-filled rally through beautiful scenic routes located in the area of Zakopane.The picturesque landscapes of the Podhale region complement rally’s providing additional positive impressions. Participants have a choice of mild off-road routes and the adventure routes during which we guarantee a jump of adrenaline to the maximum!

Off-roading is an attractive form of entertainment and a great leisure activity. We provide 100% satisfaction and safety while driving. Learn the secrets of driving  4 × 4 cars and treat yourself to a wonderful adventure!