Paintball is a great idea for when you want to be active in your free time, for social meetings and an attraction during team building events. We invite you to visit our two paintball areas in Zakopane (on Gubałówka Hill and the center of Zakopane) and Bukowina Tatrzańska. We organize multiplayer games, according to the selected scenarios. We have interesting and engaging games, including: capture the flag game (capture the flag), Deathmatch (eliminate as many participants as possible), protection of  the VIP (terrorists vs. bodyguards, one person is without weapons). We are happy to prepare a unique scenario of the game inspired by iconic games or well-known scenes from action movies. We also organize paintball tournaments for children (children under 10 years of age). Our experience and knowledge of team games allows us to organize creative game play without fear of bruising and injury.

Paintball in Zakopane:

We offer a paintball area that is located in the very center of Zakopane and the second – on Gubałówka Hill. First is located in a convenient place of the city, 500 meters below the ski jump. The area covers approx. 1000 m2 and its hilly terrain provides a dynamic and interesting game with the opportunity for creative scenarios.  An unforgettable adventure awaits you in Zakopane – Paintballing!

Out first area is located in Zakopane, on 28 Pilsudski Street  (500m below the ski jump). It is an area with various characteristics, built for a dynamic game in which you can use a lot of terrain.  The size of the land is approx. 1000M2

Paintballing in Bukowina Tatrzańska

The therd area is located in Bukowina Tatrzańska. The firing range size is 4500m2 with  dual characteristics: on the one hand the woodsball theme, where we have a forest fortress with a sniper base, an ideal area for famous scenarios of duel fights between S.W.A.T. troops and terrorists. On the other hand the speedball part of the open space with interesting terrain, suitable for perfect attacks on your opponent as well as for scenarios like capture the flag and deathmatch.

Paintball is a game in which the excitement, speed and tactics count. It all adds up to an incredible adrenaline rush. We organize games at the highest level. The games are interesting and engaging. In addition, to regenerate,  we offer a bonfire with sausages and time to rest in the nature of the Podhale region.

Players here can experience excitement at the highest level without the feeling of repetitiveness. In order not to get overtired you can take some rest breaks during the game and enjoy the mountain scenery.We can also organize a bonfire with sausage grilling to make sure you will not get cold or too hungry.

We can also organize Paintball games on terain provided by the client.